What a disgraceful showing by British politicians since the results of the Brexit referendum came in.

After David Cameron has announced that he is to stand down in a couple of months, we have had a round of back-stabbing with “political serial killer” Michael Gove apparently sacrificing Boris Johnson in a move to achieve his own ambitions of becoming Prime Minister.

Now we learn that UKIP leader Nigel Farage has stepped down as leader of his party.

I now feel that I’ve done my bit, that I couldn’t possibly achieve more (Nigel Farage)

What a show of incompetence, and these people want to lead Great Britain into a better future? God forbid!

So, in the aftermath of the Brexit referendum, nearly all major figures (and I mean ones to be taken seriously, not that scabby little reptile Jayda Fransen and her lapdog Paul Golding) of the Leave Campaign have done just that, they have left…

And left Britain in chaos.

Image: NamensnennungWeitergabe unter gleichen Bedingungen Bestimmte Rechte vorbehalten von Gage Skidmore


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