There is this strange notion in Great Britain that the evil mistress and German Chancellor Angela Merkel is set to take over Europe. Where Hitler failed by military means, she plans to accomplish the task by economical means. We read quotes in Social Media to the effect “Our troops sacrificed themselves in the Second World War to make sure that we didn’t fall under German dominion, I’ll be damned if I’ll let them do it by economical means.” The only answer is (instead of beating her at her own game, of course, which doesn’t seem to have occurred to anyone), to take our country back. And how do we do that? We leave the European Union.

But I’ve got news for you people. You have failed, you are 300 years too late

Ever since George I came to the throne in August 1714, the British Royal Family has in fact been German.

The Supertyke set off to look at the place where King George was born, and where this dastardly assault on Great Britain has its origins:

Celle: A small town in Northern Germany, not far from Hannover. It has seen better days, there is no doubt, but the old town has been preserved, as has the castle. It’s not particularly large as castles go, but some of the rooms are still furnished as they were 300 years ago, and it’s certainly worth going inside for a look around. My attention was attracted to the town after reading the tragic love story of Sophia Dorothea, who was interred in Ahlden Castle nearby, and her lover Philip Christopher of Denmark.

A good day out, no doubt, but otherwise hardly worth a mention.

Except for one thing. George Ludwig, Duke of Braunschweig and Lüneburg lived here. To us he is known as George I., King of Great Britain.

The story begins with Queen Anne (1665-1714) who was married to Prince George of Denmark. Although she was pregnant 17 times, none of her children survived her, and she died without leaving an heir.

George’s claim to the throne was through his mother Sophia of the Palatinate, who was the grand-daughter of King James I through her mother Elisabeth of Bohemia. It wasn’t a strong claim however, and he was crowned King only after 50 others, who were closer to the throne, were rejected due to their Catholic faith. (In accordance with the Act of Settlement from 1701, Catholics were not allowed to inherit the British Throne).

George was married to the aforementioned Sophia Dorothee, but the marriage was anything but happy, as he apparently he cheated on her unashamedly and subsequently locked her up in Ahlden Castle for the rest of her life. As already noted, she, in turn, had an affair with Philip Christopher of Denmark who suddenly and mysteriously disappeared, presumably murdered on the orders of George himself, after he became aware of this affair. At the time of his death, the couple had been planning their flight. His body was never found. One assumed that he had been cut to bits, or thrown into the nearby river. Until this summer builders working on the Leinen Castle (which is now the Lower Saxony parliament building) found the remains of a skeleton, which could be the mortal remains of Philip Christopher. Up to the point of writing this hasn’t been proved. DNA test hope to shed light on the matter.

Out of the relationship between King and Queen however, George Augustus was born. He gained fame being portrayed as the cretinous Prince George by Hugh Laurie in the series “Blackadder”, although modern research certainly would seem to suggest that he was anything but weak-minded. George succeeded his father as King of England with his German wife Caroline of Ansbach upon his death in 1727 until his death in 1760.

Neither of these Kings however had much to say in the every day running of the country, as Parliament were starting to take control of things. Indeed during the reign of Charles I. the King relied heavily on the opinion of Robert Walpole.

George II was succeeded by his son George III. His spouse was Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Streliz. George III suffered from mental illness for the latter part of his life, and son George IV who acted as Prince Regent for 9 years before accession to the throne. He was married to Caroline of Brunswick. Brunswick of course being in Lower Saxony, Germany.

And so it continues, generation for generation.

Ah, you say; what about Victoria? Victoria was not the daughter of German William IV, but his niece. Victoria was however the daughter of Prince Michael of Kent. Michael of Kent was the son of George III. Victoria’s mother Victoria Mary Louisa, rather predictably, was of German Nobility and was born in Coburg, Bavaria.

You can follow their progress on the chart below this post. One thing we do notice if we follow the story; the German monarchs almost always married fellow Germans, keeping the bloodline German of course. Leaving aside Edward VIII who married an American citizen, but only after his abdication, the only real exception was Edward VII who married Danish nobility. In fact the only British Blood ever to come into the British Royal family after 1714 down to the present day Queen was through the Queen Mother, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, who was born into a family of British Nobility.

So anyone wanting to take their country back would, I’m afraid, have to start with the Royal Family and with our current reigning King, Charles III. I just wonder now which “patriot” is going to be the first to commit high treason. Any takers?

The following table shows the truth

George IFather: Ernest Augustus, Elector of Hanover. born in Hanover Germany
Mother: Sophia of the Palatinate, born in The Hague, Netherlands
Married Sophia Dorothee who was also a German national, being born in Celle
George IISon of George I, born in Hannover, Germany.
Married Caroline of Ansbach in 1704. Ansbach is in Germany
George IIISon of George II, born in London
Married Charlotte of Mecklenburg-Strelitz. She was born in Mirow Germany
George IVSon of George III, born in London
His spouse was Caroline of Brunswick, born in Brunswick, Germany
William IVThird son of George III and younger brother of George IV.
Married to Adelaide of Saxe-Meiningen. Adelaide was born in Meiningen, Thuringia, Germany
VictoriaNiece of William IV, daughter of Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, son of George III
Married to Albert of Saxe-Coburg and Gotha, born in Coburg, Germany
Edward VIISon of Victoria and Albert
Married Alexandra of Denmark, born Copenhagen
George VSon of Edward VII
Married to Mary of Teck, who was born in England to Francis, Duke of Teck (born in Osijek, Slavonia ) and Princess Mary Adelaide of Cambirdge, Granddaughter of George III
Edward VIIISon of George V.
Married Wallis Warfield, an American citizen, after abdicating the throne
George VISon of George V.
Married Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, born in Hitchin, England
Elisabeth IIDaughter of George VI
Married Philip, born in Greece to Greek and Danish Royal Families. He is a member of the House of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (North Germany)

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