So I’m home for the first time in a while, and sat at Weatherspoon’s in Leeds for the second evening in a row. Not really the most desirable of locations, I must admit, it’s loud and raucous. But its reasonably priced and the food is edible.

And they do have this wonderful app, where you can order from your table by entering the table number and your choice of menu etc. You pay via paypal or credit card, get your meal and afterwards leave the place, without ever having to go to the bar. And if you know Weatherspoon’s, then you will appreciate this function.

However, I am annoyed. It’s not the Dutch beer that is the problem. No, that is flowing, no problem. Although I do faintly wonder what a European beer is doing on the premises of one of Britain’s foremost brexiters.

I actually came here to enjoy one of those marvellous steak pies that I had the last time I came. But Weatherspoons don’t do steak pies anymore, do they? OK they have a steak and kidney pudding and some kind of vegetable pie with mushrooms, if I am not mistaken. But no steak pie. Sad, but hey, that is not the only thing on the menu!

So we all (three persons) order fish and chips. The easiest of orders actually, or at least it should be. Because hardly five minutes later the waiter tells us that there is only one fish left. And this at 7 in the evening where the kitchen is open until 11. Right, so I go for Whitby Scampi and my daughter for some chicken dish.

Today, a day later, we are sat at Beckett’s Bank and try our luck again. Three times fish and chips. This time our wish is thwarted from the very beginning by the app, which tells us that they are out of stock.

So there we have it. Apparently the most British of dishes seem to be unavailable. I do wonder what will be on offer at the beginning of February when the European stuff dissappears from the menu and we only have a choice between fish and chips, and beans on toast. Or maybe the pies are going to make a big comeback. Who knows?

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