The raging “Towel Wars” on the Island of Mallorca are about to come to an end, if the prediction of the German tabloid Bild is anything to go by. And the Germans are set to win by default

The so called Towel Wars depict the battle between the Germans and the English for the deckchairs at the holiday resorts, particularly in Mallorca. These were stylised a few years ago by the intervention of The Sun and the German tabloid “Bild” who declared “war” on each other at the holiday resorts. It derives from the alleged reserving of deck chairs by German tourists who who creep down before breakfast while the British are still trying to cope with their hangovers and drape the chairs with towels, thus reserving them.

And now, under the title “Will Brexit decide the Towel Wars?” the German rag “Bild” gloats over the state of the Pound. Due to the weakness of the British currency and other increases in costs on the Balearen Islands, British Holidaymakers face increases in the cost of their holidays if they decide to travel abroard. Too much for the average Brit, they reckon.

North Sea and drizzle instead of Sangria and sun

Instead, resorts like Blackpool, where the Irish Sea is seldom warmer than 55°F, are where the Brits will be going this year.

It looks like Angela Merkels dastardly plans to take over the whole of Europe are reaching fruition. She already has Mallorca in the bag, so it seems. And all because of Brexit… The German tabloid concludes “Thats what the Brit means, when he talks about shooting himself in the foot”. Another victory for British common sense.


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