German IT-Girl Gina-Lisa Lohfink is considering suing Wiesenhof, the giant producer of Chicken products in Germany, for slander and defamation of character.

Gina-Lisa has certainly been in the wars lately. The IT-Girl from Hessen, who came to prominence as a contestant in Heidi Klum’s TV series “Germany’s Next Top Model” is currently involved in a case of law in which she has been accused of wrongly accusing two men of raping her, although a video that has been released seems to suggest that she could be telling the truth. In this video she is heard to tell the two men involved to leave her alone! In the corresponding court case Gina said she thought that the two men accused might have drugged her to unlawfully have sex with her. However as no traces of any drugs were found in her blood, the court though that she might be lying.

Although Gina-Lisa is perhaps not the most popular person around due to her lifestyle as an IT-Girl, this case has caused repercussions amongst the German public, who are calling for her rehabilitation, and also calls are being made for a reformation of the German sexual laws.

Now a video ad has been released by Wiesenhof showing German comedian Axel Schröder holding a sausage and commenting.

Are you ready for this summer’s biggest sausage?
After this one Gina and Lisa will need Trauma therapy

The reference to Gina-Lisa and her troubles is fairly obvious.

Axel Schröder has since apologised, saying that the ad had been produced a year ago, and it should never have been released. But the damage has been done, of course.

Wiesenhof has taken the video down.

Meanwhile in court today there were tumultuous scenes involving a bare bosomed femen demonstrator who had the words “Still not asking for it” written over her torso and outside dozens demonstrated for Gina-Lisa, holding up posters reading “No means No”

Pic by Zeno Bresson (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons



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