Soul-singer Miu from Hamburg Germany is one of the countless artists that have suffered during the Corona pandemic. Her acclaimed double album “Modern Retro Soul” was released at the back end of 2019 and charted in Germany the week after. Unfortunately when she could have started to reap the rewards for all the hard work producing this LP, the pandemic broke out and caused havoc in the whole music business. All concerts were cancelled and with them the chance to sell the LP on the road.

She has, however, not been lazy since the outbreak. An EP – aptly named “The Corona Tapes” – was released in the Summer of 2020 with the help of crowd funding, and various streaming events have taken place, the latest being a living room concert at the beginning of December. She has also become a voice for all artists in Germany who have suffered through the current situation, making the shortlist for Hamburger Woman of the Year Award.

But all this cannot hide the fact that this has been a very difficult year. Not only for Miu of course, but for the whole business. All the activites she has undertaken might keep her in the public eye to some extent, but they certainly won’t feed her and the band.

The Wandering CD

The idea behind the wandering CD is easy. If Miu cannot go on tour with her band, why not send the CD on a World Tour? Friends and sponsors are being invited to send the CD around the world. The album is being supplied free of charge by the artist with just a token contribution to cover postage. The CD is then sent off to friends, who listen to it, and when they are finished, send it off on its travels to the next person, and so forth.

Before I let them rot in the cellar, why not send them out into the world?

To keep an eye on the process these people are encouraged to send back feedback. Where is the CD right now? Maybe a photo or two of the recipient with the album, a comment on Miu’s Facebook page would be nice. The idea is to build up a world map full of markers to track the progress of the music. And if a few people along the line decide that they like the music, all the better.

The CDs will be sent out to the distributors in the next few days, and they in turn will send them out to friends to listen and pass on.

Interested in taking part in this venture?
Contact me via Facebook or Instagram for more details! Or just leave a comment on this page.

Like to listen to Miu before you decide? No problem….

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